We are versatile and flexible in our competences. We have experience in consulting, technical support and training in several areas, and can contribute positively to different projects. Above all, we know that collaborative work is productive and quality work.

"A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself." May Sarton

1 Sustentabilidade Aplicada_Azorina vidalii em habitat recriado.JPG

1 - Applied Sustainability

We help people and companies to operationalize the concept of sustainable development. From the details of consumption and waste choices to the strategic or management plans, we want to bring sustainability to your day-to-day routine. Here you may find some practical examples of how we can contribute to our consulting:

- Annual sustainability reports
- Sustainable management business plans
- Sustainable purchase policy (procurement)
- Sustainability Clinics (evaluation of domestic or corporate environments aiming to make recomendations to change behaviours towards sustainability 
- Support in the design and execution of public or private projects with components of sustainability, in the areas of Tourism, Education, Health and Welfare, and Environment.

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2 - Therapeutic Gardening and Eco Therapy

We work with teams of professionals delivering gardening solutions as alternative therapy for different groups of users, collaborating with their caregivers and with our specialist in Ecotherapy. In institutions, private homes or in natural environments there is always a way to develop therapeutic plans adapted to different needs and budgets with just some creativity needed – and we have to give and sell!

There are more and more studies that prove the importance of contact with plants and nature for human well-being, and even as a therapeutic intervention in various clinical conditions. Some of the groups that may benefit most from these practices are people with cognitive, motor sensitivity, or anxiety and depression problems. For all of us, the tranquility and beauty of a garden brings sensations of well-being, creating an environment conducive to reflection, awareness and even meditation.

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3 - Pedagogical and School Gardening

The Garden is our classroom ... From the biology of metamorphosis to the mathematics of the garden, from the value of recycling to entrepreneurial spirit, from the poetry of nature to the chemistry of the compost, a garden is a blank canvas for whatever we want to draw. And as any expert in pedagogy knows that we learn above all what we experience, nothing better than some time outdoors and in fun to learn the lesson well!

We work directly with educators and teachers to make a link between content and curricular skills and gardening activities, in order to get our young citizens out of four walls and into the countryside, whether they are from preschool or university, passing through all the in between. You do not need big infrastructure or existing gardens, you only need willingness: talk to us and we will have a lot to expand ours (and yours) creativity.

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4 - Theoretical and Practical Training

We want to inspire people and teams, and help them fulfill their potential. We have recognized competences of training and we can contribute to technical or university courses, or to produce complete formations in our areas of specialty. We are also available to give lectures, guide workshops or any knowledge sharing challenge.

5 Responsabilidade Social Corporativa.jpg

5 - Corporate Social Responsability

Sustainability is for responsible people. For those who recognize that for each action there is a reaction, and for those who have the maturity to understand that solidarity is an intelligent way to improve society. It is increasingly recognized that running a business has to go beyond profits, overflowing to society benefits that reinforce social, environmental and economic values. We help companies to do it effectively and creatively, using social design in the optimization of resources used and obtained impacts. We work closely with companies and beneficiaries, making use whenever necessary to collaborate with our  RSC Gurus nationwide.

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6 - We accept Challenges

The list is already long, the area of intervention is immense, the possibilities of collaboration are (almost) infinite ... If you have a challenge for which you have not found a box on our site, talk to us because we accept challenges: after all, the Sustainability is transversal to all Human activity.

"I think this is what hooks one to gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation." Phyllis Theroux