A garden is a long-term project. For us, maintaining a garden is an orchestra of professionalism and common sense. To understand how we work, we explain our logic in 3 simple steps.

"The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow." Author unknown


1 - Survey Visit

This moment will be the first time we will be together after receiving your request. It is a meeting with a variable duration depending on what you want: the purpose is to realize your needs and desires, and make a photographic and documentary survey of the spaces proposed for maintenance. With the information we collect on this first visit, we will present a basic proposal and a strategy for working with the respective costs. Do not worry, all this is free and without commitment!


2 - Contract for Services

If you accept our proposal, we will have another meeting with you to review the terms of the agreement and sign it, as well as to define the timing and timeline of the interventions. We will do a second survey (if and when appropriate) to complete some missing information, which will be essential to construct a plan appropriate to the reality of space.
At this time we will also schedule our first maintenance visit.


3 - Careful and Continuous Maintenance

We will return on the combined (?) date, and with the regularity intended. We will carry out all the necessary work so that your garden reaches its greatest potential and can provide everything you want. During our contract we will do our best to fulfill any additional wishes you have - just tell us! And if at any time you want something a little different, we will be available to re-design your garden, all or just a part!

"Nothing is more completely the child of Art than a Garden." Walter Scott